Smell fetish – the erotic kick

Intimate odours and used underwear – the erotic kick

Intimate odours and used underwear – the erotic kick

Animalistic-erotic body odours have a very special aphrodisiac effect. And with our queen of erotic odours, the feminine intimacy of a desirable woman, we find ourselves at the forefront of ALL aphrodisiacs. The aroma of a vagina with its natural pheromones arouses and immediately triggers erotic stimuli and inspires the heady fantasies of every olfactory gourmet.

Odour fetishism, or olfactophilia, where individuals derive sexual pleasure from the smell and odour of used panties and worn underwear, can found all over the world. Even used underwear from famous personalities like Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Khloé Kardashian and even Queen Elizabeth II have been offered on the Internet and auctioned for record sums.

Depending on the amount of time they have been worn for, underwear, panties and slips emanate a more or less strong intimate smell and savouring them represents the pinnacle of desire for every olfactory gourmet. The disadvantages: with a slip bought in a shop, uncertainty exists as to whether it has really been worn and who wore it. An even greater problem is that the odour soon subsides, leaving no trace of the arousing vaginal aroma to savour after a while.

VULVA Original reproduces this in an essence and is the culmination of what makes a slip give off such a wonderful odour. Another great advantage is how long the odour lasts, which acts as 100% guarantee for many pleasurable sessions savouring the sweet vaginal odour of a desirable woman. Every time you use VULVA Original again, it is like savouring a sexy woman’s freshly worn panties.

Our sense of smell is the most powerful of all our senses and, because of this, is capable of transporting you into a mind-blowing spiral of fantasy which you could never have imagined. Many words exist to express the intimate scent of a sensual woman. Aphrodisiac, pheromone, attractant – but one thing is 100% certain: the irresistible and magical fragrance exuded by a vagina has always been one of the most exciting fragrances in the world.

The odour fetish: “Olfactophilia” and even “Mysophilia”

The smell fetish: “Olfactophilia” or “Mysophilia”

Odour fetishism is known worldwide and dates back to early historical records. The term “Mysophilia”, or the better known term of “Olfactophilia”, originate from the Latin and Greek and immediately show that sensuality and passion are meant (olfacere = smell (v. lat.) and philia = love (n. gr)). Certain body odours, which may be unpleasant and repulsive to some people, are a fiesta of eroticism and a real magnet for the noses of odour fetishists and people inclined towards Mysophilia.

So, are you a fetishist as well?
5 senses = 5 fetishes

A fetish is commonly referred to as a stimulant, thing or activity that alone has a strong stimulating effect or is required to achieve sexual arousal. Depending on the sense the fetish addresses, one distinguishes between:

  • Pictophilia: viewing certain things (e.g. porn magazines and videos)
  • Cryophilia: touching and feeling certain things (e.g. petting, touching intimate parts of the body)
  • Narratophilia: hearing certain sounds or things (e.g. dirty and obscene words, certain voices or sounds)
  • Podophilia: Tasting or licking certain things (e.g. oral sex)
  • Olfactophilia: the smell of certain things (e.g. intimate odours, worn panties).

If you take look at the definitions of the five sensory fetishes, almost everyone will be able to unmask themselves as a fetishist of some sort in the broadest sense – and that’s a good thing!
Although the odour fetish does not seem to be as popular as the other, better-known fetish directions, this neglected fetish is one of the most pronounced. It also develops earlier than the others. Compared to all our other senses, a newborn child uses its sense of smell first of all to locate its mother’s breast to drink milk – as well as its mother as such.

Our sense of smell is also the most complex in chemical terms. Odours directly affect our subconscious, and some are even perceived unconsciously, such as, pheromones. In addition, our sense of smell also affects our other senses. For example, our sense of taste – people with a poor sense of smell also have a poor sense of taste, which any of us will be able to sing a song about if we were ever invited a delicious meal while suffering from a cold.

Take a seat in your very own heady fantasy extravaganza

Take a seat in your very own heady fantasy extravaganza

Whether you are man or woman, everyone has them – erotic thoughts and fantasies. When it comes to your sexual reveries, virtually everything goes and nobody can look into your mind when your very own secret fantasies, desires and cravings take wing. If the scenarios in your fantasy world do ever turn into reality, you usually feel disappointed, however, almost cheated, in fact, because in your imagination everything was better … very much like watching the film of a favourite book you have read over and over again, inevitably, the film version is almost always a disappointment, because the images in your mind were simply better and reality is not a patch on the heady world of your imagination.

And for precisely this reason. Rediscover, cherish and celebrate the immeasurable value of your lusty desires. Give more room to the fantasies in your life and instead of viewing them to be an inferior substitute to sex, see them as a fantastic opportunity to lend wings to your sexuality. Make time for a planned break and a secret sex date with yourself and your heady imagination. Let your imagination run wild, wherever and whenever you want. This is exactly where VULVA come into the game…

Your sense of smell is the most intense sensory perception that you have. The smell of the classroom at your first school, for instance, is firmly stored in your part of your memory responsible for smell; as soon as you smell it again, you are suddenly transported back to that same small desk in your old classroom. The beguiling odour of a female catapults back you into another dimension in exactly the same way and arouses you immediately. Add to that your seductive knowledge of your little secret, your precious jewel, your “secret affair”, which you can carry around everywhere with you discreetly at all times in its sophisticated crystal glass phial – your lover, who lets you savour the aroma between her thighs whenever you want.

Order the new generation in erotic kicks!


Our love of erotic odours throughout history

Our love of erotic odours throughout history

Our love of erotic odours throughout history

Our sense of smell has always been closely intertwined with love, seduction and the reproductive function. The intimate odour of the female as the pinnacle of all erotic scents is considered one of the earliest and most well-known aphrodisiacs. In the following are some famous historic personalities whose keen and beneficial sense of smell played a significant and pleasurable role in their erotic lives:

at the end of the 18th Century, German poet, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe confessed to his lover, Charlotte von Stein, that he had stolen one of her bodices so that he could savour her smell whenever he wanted. In those days, people may even have avoided being overly clean, because they feared their body’s would lose their seductive powers.

Amongst odour gourmets today, underwear is one of the most well-known fetishes and is widely entertained worldwide. That said, much unfounded prejudice still exists again this lust for the female aroma and aficionados of this particular fetish are more likely to be heaped with scorn and pity than acceptance.
In Asia, and especially Japan, body odour fetishes and, in particular, the smell of used lady’s panties is more common than in the rest of the world. And while the musician and composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, was once inspired by the smell of his lover’s corset when they were apart … Emperor and Field Marshal Napoleon Bonaparte represents an even earlier example of an olfactory gourmet: it is said that during his Egyptian campaign, Napoleon wrote to his lover, Josephine, with the words, “Do not wash anymore, I will be back soon.” (“Ne te lave pas, je reviens).

Today, like then, it all comes down to the culmination of the odour fetish – to smell the direct and unadulterated intimate odour of the female body to become aroused by the pleasure you feel from the smell. Women have always known how to use their natural body odours as a seductive weapon. This is why women sometimes avoided being overly clean, because they feared would lose their seductive powers.
Today, we have it much easier: for more than 10 years now, olfactory gourmets in more than 100 countries around the world have been arousing and stimulating themselves with VULVA Original and pleasuring themselves with the queen of all erotic aromas whenever and wherever they want – the intimate female scent of a desirable young woman: roll on, savour and enjoy this female essence from a new generation of aphrodisiacs. But, be careful: a small dab of this precious elixir infused with genuine organic essences in its own classy crystal glass phial is enough!

Be yourself and experience your own personal fetish!

(Historical background: source: Wikipedia)

„Nothing in the world makes the past as living as the smell.“

Oscar Wilde click to smell


VULVA Original – The perfect sex toy for every odour fetishist

VULVA Original – The perfect sex toy for every odour fetishist

The dream of every aroma connoisseur – the urge to savour the arousing vaginal scent of a desirable young woman whenever and wherever you want – has finally become reality. Every aroma fetish lover can devote themselves to their passion with VULVA Original, the worldwide unique aphrodisiac and erotic fragrance.
Infused with organic essences captured in a stylish crystal glass phial, this vaginal pheromone simply waits to unfold its seductive powers. Briefly shake the small glass vial and simply apply it discreetly to the back of your hand with the convenient metal roll-on ball. After a leaving it for a moment to unfold (the longer, the better), an irresistible vaginal aroma exudes and sexually arouses every aroma lover with the heady extravaganza of his own erotic fantasies.

Erotic Kick

VULVA Original as a cuckold sex toy – Ideal for extra-special erotic role-playing games

VULVA Original as a cuckold sex toy – Ideal for extra-special erotic role-playing games

Do you want experiment with “cuckolding” or expand your pleasure of it even further? There are countless ways to experience high-class sexuality with VULVA Original – whether alone, as a pair or with multiple people. For example, VULVA Original can be used cleverly for playing out “cuckolding” scenarios and can be incorporated into a session securely and safely.
VULVA Original – an authentic firework display of the senses for couples who want to experience extra-special erotic pleasure. There are no limits to your imagination…

“Cuckold” or “Cuckolding” – A medieval fetish is celebrating its comeback

“Cuckold” or “Cuckolding” – A medieval fetish is celebrating its comeback

One of the most common words searched for on erotic websites is, “Cuckold”. But what does this word actually mean and how long has this particular form of erotic existed?

Wikipedia puts it in a nutshell:

“Especially in the BDSM scene, the term cuckold (also known as cucki, cuck or cux) refers to a man in a stable partnership or love relationship who experiences sexual pleasure through the intimate contact of his partner with other men (cheating). A cuckold may prefer dominant, voyeuristic, masochistic and/or submissive behaviour. In equivalent terms, a woman who experiences sexual pleasure through the intimate contact of her male partner with other women is referred to as a “cuckquean.”

In English parlance, cuckold can also mean a man who is humiliated by the mischief-making of his partner. A differentiation takes place between the conventional meaning of the word in relation to cheating and the sexual preferences experienced within a relationship.

The term “cokewold” appeared in Middle English in 1250 for the first time as a reference to a husband who had been cheated on. As a derivative of the Middle English term “witting” (knowingly), the term “wittol” refers to a man who knowingly tolerates or desires a lover for his wife. The term appeared in verb form as “cuckolding” in 1589 for the first time and describes various forms of non-monogamous relationships. The cuckold is usually submissive, and the act of cuckolding itself is frequently a component of femdom and is therefore included amongst the different varieties of BDSM. The cuckold enjoys being dominated by his wife; not only in sexual matters, but also everyday things.
Exactly the reverse also exists, where, as a submissive component, the woman accepts a mistress at her dominant husband’s side or specifically wants it!
Within the various types of partnerships, the spectrum for variation is large as far as experiencing cuckold fantasies is concerned. However, analyses make clear it that no other form of fetish receives as many visits on the Internet today as “Cuckolding”.