A new sex toy is conquering the world

For over 10 years now, people in more than 100 countries have been using our unique VULVA Original with growing enthusiasm to stimulate and eroticise their sex lives. Following its first introduction in Germany in 2005, the erotic fragrance of Original VULVA has spread quickly around the globe. Our customers are made up of 75% men and 25% women, with a rising trend towards the latter.
This shows that it is not just men who are enhancing and satisfying their sexual desires with the aromatic pleasure of Original VULVA. More and more women are also choosing VULVA Original to make themselves even more desirable with our perfect vaginal fragrance.



Our love of erotic odours throughout history

In the years between 1775 and 1788, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, confessed to his lover, Charlotte von Stein, that he had stolen one of her bodices so that he could savour her smell whenever he wanted. It is said that during his Egyptian campaign, Napoleon wrote to his lover, Josephine, with the words, “Do not wash anymore, I will be back soon.” (“Ne te lave pas, je reviens”).

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VULVA Original – The best alternative to used panties

Unlike used slips, where the odour soon disappears, VULVA Original can simply be reapplied over and over again. The pleasurable scent of real vagina in its pure form.
Savour and enjoy the scent of a wonderful woman whenever and wherever you want. The world of eroticism is discovering the personal aromatic pleasure of VULVA Original more and more every day – When are you going to join the club?

Intimate female fragrance – Erotic fragrance and lust-enhancing stimulant

As the queen of all erotic aromas, the intimate fragrance of a female, VULVA Original represents the pinnacle of desire of every aroma connoisseur worldwide and strike homes as the contemporary spirit of a new way experiencing its eroticism in real life.