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In the course of more than 10 years of success, coverage of our unique VULVA Original has been provided in countless international and exclusive press reports. Here, we present just a small excerpt from the most interesting reports in print, radio and TV media from around the world.
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On this page, we present a small excerpt
of the most interesting international
press reports in print media about
VULVA Original.


FINANCIAL TIMES – famous throughout the world as a newspaper that reports on business, finance and politics, the Financial Times reports exclusively, in detail and prominently on the back page about our unique VULVA Original.


As one of the best-known and most successful magazines for nude photography and eroticism, the US lifestyle and men’s magazine PLAYBOY reports exclusively and extensively on VULVA Original in various international editions.







In its “THE BIG BOOK OF…” series, the famous TASCHEN-Verlag brought out a new masterpiece onto the market with the band “THE BIG BOOK OF PUSSY”. The name says it all and this opulent work presents more than 400 photos from 1900 until today showing vulvas from around the world. Women present their most intimate spot – naturally bushy, stylishly trimmed or clean-shaven.

The global success of this creative coffee table art book is also reflected in the fact that it is no longer commercially available, but can only be bought at auction at collector’s prices.

In its masterpiece, the TASCHEN Verlag selects just two products from the entire market for erotic products around the world that embody the topic of “PUSSY” most exclusively. VULVA Original is one of the two products chosen and is described in detail in the book.


As one of the most extraordinary art photography books ever published, the photo book, “VULVA 101” by the Canadian author Hylton Coxwell, presents exactly one hundred and one vulvas from women of different nationalities and ages (18-65).

Photographs of vaginas from different angles that break the boundaries of social shame and taboos and expose the beauty of the most intimate female spot – the VULVA!

This exclusive art photography book also contains a contribution about VULVA Original.


The best-known and most sensual erotic magazine in Switzerland, “CHERRY”, writes extensively about our unique VULVA Original and gives away 3 vaginal aromatic pleasure sets.


On this page, we present a small excerpt
of the most interesting international
press reports on radio media about
VULVA Original.


On this page, we present a small excerpt
of the most interesting international
press reports in TV media about
VULVA Original.

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