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100% Discretion

  • Discrete packaging
  • Discrete invoice
  • Discrete credit card statement
  • Discrete customs declaration

Arousing effect

  • Vaginal essence as an erotic fragrance
  • Arousing, sensual and sexy
  • Special scent-extraction process
  • Stringent international production controls

Made in Germany

  • 100% Made in Germany
  • With German ingredients
  • Quality product for over 10 years
  • Successful in over 100 countries

Worldwide shipping

  • International parcel shipment
  • Discrete delivery to your preferred address
  • Online order tracking
  • Delivery by registered mail

VULVA Original – The real scent of a vagina as an aphrodisiac

Unique, erotic fragrance and lust-enhancing agent for men and women.

Simple to use: Briefly shake the small glass vial and simply apply a tiny amount to the back of your hand discreetly with the convenient metal roll-on ball. After a leaving it for a moment to unfold, an irresistible vaginal aroma exudes and sexually arouses every aroma connoisseur with the heady extravaganza of their very own erotic fantasies. Have your own “secret affair” with VULVA Original.

Original vaginal scent, precious organic essence in a glass vial – sniff yourself horny

VULVA Original is NOT a conventional perfume, but the genuine scent of a female for YOUR very own personal aroma adventure. An extremely arousing fragrance, which increases the sense of pleasure through your OWN aromatic pleasure, and makes solo sex a completely new and exclusive experience. The unique, stimulating vaginal aroma of VULVA Original acts as a stimulant that increases the pleasure of both men and women alike.

Extreme pleasurable sensation with your “secret” affair

Cocooned in stylish packaging, this irresistible vaginal pheromone infused with real organic substances in a fashionable crystal glass vial is simply waiting to develop its aroma for YOUR own highly personal aroma kick.

The perfect sex toy for every aroma fetishist

The dream of every aroma connoisseur has finally become reality: whenever and wherever you feel the urge to savour the always-fresh and arousing vaginal aroma of a desirable young woman. Better than any worn panties!

Authentic and unique worldwide – made in Germany

Worldwide unique erotic fragrance containing the precious, genuine organic substances that exude the intimate femininity of the sweet vaginal aroma of a desirable young woman. International success – aroma connoisseurs from over 100 countries have been enjoying the eroticising effect of VULVA Original for over 10 years.

  • Real erotifying vaginal scent
  • 100% pleasure-enhancing essence for perfect solo sex
  • Intimate scent as an odorous
  • substance for your own smelling pleasure
  • Precious organic substance in the classy glas-phial
  • Apply discreetly anytime and anywhere
  • Exciting and stimulating effect
    Worldwide unique an real
  • Premium-Quality Made-in-Germany
  • For men and women, singles and couples
  • Risk-free alternative to an affair