Take a seat in your very own heady fantasy extravaganza


Whether you are man or woman, everyone has them – erotic thoughts and fantasies. When it comes to your sexual reveries, virtually everything goes and nobody can look into your mind when your very own secret fantasies, desires and cravings take wing. If the scenarios in your fantasy world do ever turn into reality, you usually feel disappointed, however, almost cheated, in fact, because in your imagination everything was better … very much like watching the film of a favourite book you have read over and over again, inevitably, the film version is almost always a disappointment, because the images in your mind were simply better and reality is not a patch on the heady world of your imagination.

And for precisely this reason. Rediscover, cherish and celebrate the immeasurable value of your lusty desires. Give more room to the fantasies in your life and instead of viewing them to be an inferior substitute to sex, see them as a fantastic opportunity to lend wings to your sexuality. Make time for a planned break and a secret sex date with yourself and your heady imagination. Let your imagination run wild, wherever and whenever you want. This is exactly where VULVA come into the game…

Your sense of smell is the most intense sensory perception that you have. The smell of the classroom at your first school, for instance, is firmly stored in your part of your memory responsible for smell; as soon as you smell it again, you are suddenly transported back to that same small desk in your old classroom. The beguiling odour of a female catapults back you into another dimension in exactly the same way and arouses you immediately. Add to that your seductive knowledge of your little secret, your precious jewel, your “secret affair”, which you can carry around everywhere with you discreetly at all times in its sophisticated crystal glass phial – your lover, who lets you savour the aroma between her thighs whenever you want.


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