Founded in 2004, vivaeros SPECIAL PRODUCTS set the very first milestone worldwide in the then little-known fetish area of erotic smells. Although after almost 20 years of hard work and unshakable loyalty to its fans, they themselves associate it with a good mood, VULVA Original was by no means created out of a whim, such as similar products in the case of Hollywood 15 years later. With the quite impressive, but also offensively provocative product, the company pursued a major goal: to put the issue of gender equality in the world, especially in the world of eroticism, in the right light and to set a truly respectful and appreciative symbol for it. With years of experience in production, sales and public relations with several successful appearances at the world erotic fair “VENUS”, the company should not stop at just one impressive product that is already known in over 100 countries.

As the name suggests – “viva” LONG LIVE! and “eros” EROTISM – the company stands for much more than just sextoys that pleasure both men and women. In the meantime, vivaeros has become a cult brand. Just as it tries to make the topic of “fetish” more socially acceptable through unusual special products, it stands for “LOVE, FETISH & LIFESTYLE” – made for those who are open about their likings. The objective is not only to become a customer of vivaeros SPECIAL PPRODUCTS, but to internalize the philosophy behind it. Vivaeros shouldn’t just be smelled or associated with odors. One should live it! In order to make this possible for loyal fans across the board, the company’s most creative minds, headed by Guido Lenssen, the CEO himself, are always working on new special products, be it fetish sex toys, lifestyle or clothing products. How do you feel about your fetish?

born 1967 in Cologne.

Creative director, product designer, photographer, author and acknowledged artist of Cologne city. 2004 founder and CEO of vivaeros SPECIAL PRODUCTS® Inventor of VULVA Original and all special products from vivaeros. The love for detail, the experience in the international advertising business and the desire for perfection characterize Guido Lenssen. His love and passion belong to the invention of unique products that should bring joy to mankind.

Even in his early youth, he showed great interest in an alternative lifestyle and, first of all, in high-quality fragrances from the world’s largest manufacturers. In addition to skateboarding, breakdancing and other similar hobbies, Guido Lenssen passionately collected samples of all kinds of rare perfumes, which were very difficult to get hold of. Over time he became a real and up-to-date connoisseur of the fragrance industry and its products. Since founding vivaeros SPECIAL PRODUCTS, he has managed two companies at the same time. The year 2007, by reaching Camino de Santiago, was probably the most important turning point in his life. This also led to the fact that he decided to devote himself completely to his task and passion and sold his marketing agency, which had been successful for many years. Since then, the only valid matter left was and still is: