Masturbation is natural, normal and healthy

86% of women and 90% of men do it regularly – masturbation is no longer a taboo topic and is part of a “normal” sexuality. Sex is healthy, with or without a partner. An active sex life is good for the heart and blood vessels, relaxes the brain and muscles,

boosts the immune system and the anticonvulsant effect of an orgasm reduces the stress hormone cortisol. Masturbation is solo sex with the guarantee of an orgasm. For this reason, masturbation – like sex in general – has a particularly positive effect on stressed or depressed people.

Why masturbation is so important

Endorphins are happy hormones

The hormones released on orgasm as endorphins and oxytocins bring real happiness, and make you feel relaxed, harmonious and peaceful. Men make more testosterone when masturbating and women get more oestrogen. The sex hormones keep you young, fit and good for your looks.

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