VULVA Mature


The erotic intimate scent of a dominant woman as an aphrodisiac
for your own smelling pleasure…also for the shy men

Unique, lust-enhancing agent for men and women.
Pure scent to stimulate the senses.

VULVA Mature is the erotic and natural overall smell from the intimate zone of a real „MILF“ – a mature, dominant Lady.
It embodies the intimate scent of femininity in its all-embracing beauty.An exciting scent-pheromone-mixture with a focus on the VULVA – consisting of:
• intense scent of a vagina • spicy, intimate body odor • subtle, indecent perfume note

An intimate female essence as an aphrodisiac for a new generation, captured in a classy phial. As close to real sex as with hardly any other sex toy. Easy to use: briefl y shake the vial, then simply and discreetly apply a tiny amount of the organic substance to the back of the hand. The longer the exposure time, the better the irresistible vaginal aroma of a „Mature“ unfolds and brings every olfactory gourmet  into sexual desires and the first row of his own personal head cinema. Smell and enjoy a new, more exciting kind of solo sex. Can be ideally combined with masturbators and sex dolls. A risk-free alternative to an affair. At a single daily use, VULVA Mature will last for several months.

Have your own “secret affair” with VULVA Mature, your dominant Mistress!

It was a strenuous seminar day in a barren training hotel and you don’t intend to spend the rest of the day in your lonely hotel room in front of the TV…You’re strollingto the stylish, luckily quite crowded hotel bar in hope that at least the evening will sweeten up your day. You hardly believe your eyes when you see a dreamlike lady sitting at the bar. She must have spotted you in the crowd even before you could notice her – her eyes are speaking a clear language and will not let you off. She is a mature, extremely sexy and at the same time classy lady and seems to be sitting unaccompanied at the bar. Her seemingly endlessly long, crossed legs, wrapped in black-transparent nylons, are attracting a lot of looks. The striking classic seams of the stockings are leading your eyes – from her charming thighs down to her black, open platform leather high heels. She starts moving her petite foot slightly bobbing and her perfectly made bright red toenails shine through the transparent nylons. Without taking her eyes off of you, she lasciviously opens her legs and brushes her red fingernails over her inner thighs.

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She acknowledges the fact that you noticed the straps of her stockings, which fl ashed out briefl y, with a lascivious, very provocative look and a bite on her red lower lip. Her almost outrageous self-confi dence and her dominant manner are sparking a series of hot fl ashes in you. She seems to be extremely lustful and a mature woman like her always knows what she wants and gets it. Obviously, YOU are the object of her desire and she certainly does not intend to go to her room alone tonight. You only get the chance of a hot adventure with such a mistress once in a lifetime and you shall never forget this night…

…the next morning she will be gone, but not without a trace…You can’t stop sniffi ng at and between your fi ngers, smelling her. The odor of her lustful and extremely wet vagina is just too intense, mixed with her slightly vulgar perfume…a wild scent-cocktail that you would like to keep on your fi ngers forever. With every inhaling you’re fi nding yourself between her thighs once again – the irresistible smell of her intimate femininity combined with the perfume of a lady – an indescribable note…

She left something of her for you. A tiny amount of her intense, intimate scent mixed with her perfume, captured in a small phial. This way you are able to smell her most intimate place between her thighs whenever you want to and bring yourself into the highest erotic pleasure by her odor and your fantasy. You may now reach the climax with her smell in your nose, as often as you want…The vaginal scent of a true mature lady – VULVA Mature.

Get it and experience this night over and over again. Gently shake the small glass vial, open it carefully and dab a tiny amount on the back of your hand. The longer the liquid is absorbed on your skin, the more erotic your smelling pleasure will be. „VULVA Mature“ – the real vaginal fragrance of a mature business woman paired with her perfume – a MUST HAVE for every smell lover of a special kind. The globally unique, stimulating vaginal aroma from VULVA Mature is a limited special edition
for experienced noses and serves as a pleasure-increasing agent for men and women alike.