VULVA Original – unique lust enhancer for men,
precious organic substance in a glass vial

The genuine and natural intimate odour of a desirable woman. The worldwide unique, stimulating vaginal aroma of VULVA Original has a strong arousing effect and excites the lust of men, women as well as singles and couples. VULVA Original is NOT a classic perfume – it is a pure fragrance that increases and satisfies your sense of pleasure through your own enjoyment of the smell.
The seductive intimate pheromone with its organic substances in a premium glass vial is waiting to be unleashed. For your own personal smell pleasure. Real, sweet vaginal smell that exudes passionate sensuality and leads you to solo sex pleasure in your imagination of new, even more real dimensions.

Erotic fragrance for HIM

For what sexual needs of a man
is VULVA Original the perfect solution?

  • Desire for sex in the absence of a partner
  • When seeking a new fetish or erotic kick
  • More sexual variety within a partnership
  • Avoid monotony and lack of lust for sex
  • Inspiring erotic fantasies
  • Alone in bed and lacking a lust-increasing remedy for even more real solo sex
  • Fancy “new things”, a completely risk-free alternative to infidelity
  • Age-related decline in libido

Your date with VULVA Original solo sex
and the perfect masturbation aid

VULVA Original in combination with an erotic video and a masturbator is the perfect complement for solo sex pleasure in a new dimension. This stimulating scent enhances erections and increases your sexual desire. Thanks to the stimulating organic substances contained in VULVA Original there is no other masturbation aid that brings you closer to “real” sex – the real pleasure of a desirable young woman’s vaginal scent.

A new generation of masturbation

Expressing yourself in the most private and secret fantasies of your mind – that’s the point. Our sense of smell is the most powerful of all our senses and, because of this, is capable of transporting you into a mind-blowing spiral of fantasy which you probably could never have imagined. Many words exist to express the intimate scent of a sensual woman. Aphrodisiac, pheromone, attractant – but one thing is 100% certain: the irresistible and magical fragrance exuded by a vagina has always been one of the most exciting fragrances in the world.


Be yourself and experience your own personal fetish!

"Masturbation, that's having sex with a person you love very much!"

Woody Allen

The ultimate kick for every aroma gourmet

VULVA Original, the most extraordinary and exclusive sex toy for those who are looking for a special kick and are open to having a new, secret playmate… with its real organic substances VULVA Original is an olfactory hit – natural and genuine vaginal scent for YOUR personal, special kind of smelling pleasure. Roll on, savour and enjoy this female essence from a new generation of aphrodisiacs: you’ll find its closer to real sex than any other sex toy around. Get involved in this incomparable, erotic smell adventure.

VULVA Original – Your little secret playmate and harmless affair

Roleplay with you and your secret young girlfriend “VULVA Original”. You always discreetly carry her with you no matter where you are. You can experience it anytime to satisfy your extraordinary fantasies. Whenever you want to enjoy your VULVA – SHE will be ready for you. You also enjoy the delightful thought that YOU decide when it opens for your erotic session! Get involved with this erotic affair with VULVA Original and enjoy the completely new possibilities of your sexuality. And nobody will know!

„JH” – buyer

So… I read a lot of the comments on here, many saying this is a waste of money and it doesn‘t smell like the real thing. first I would like to say, I am 59 and have been with a lot of women and all of them have a different scent. If you have only been with a couple women, then I can understand why you would say this does not smell like the real thing…
I totally disagree… from experience I can tell you this scent is like the real thing. I put some on my middle finger and I would think my finger had just been inside a pussy. They are not kidding when they say just use a small amount. The scent is strong. This was worth every penny. I will buy it again.

Ideal for those extra-special erotic role-playing games –
VULVA Original as a fetish sex toy

There are countless ways to experience high-class sexuality with VULVA Original – alone, as a pair or with multiple people. For example, VULVA Original can be used cleverly for playing out “cuckolding” scenarios and, importantly, can be incorporated into a session securely and safely. Invite your secret little girlfriend in a vial to seduce your partner with you together… Try out bondage games and blindfolds, coupled with the pleasure of different vaginal aromas –
a real fireworks display for couples who want to experience a special type of eroticism. Ideal for very special erotic role-playing games – VULVA Original as a fetish sex toy Legal Contact More Info surprise your friends with one of the most extraordinary erotic gifts made for man. Rest assured, they will never forget it. Buy the VULVA 3 Bundle and benefit from our special price. VULVA Original, get the unique gift now!

Think of your friends VULVA Original – the unique gift!