Lust enhancer for women
VULVA Original – an extraordinary sex toy conquers the women’s world.

VULVA Original for the woman who wants to live your bisexual experience with another woman without risk.
For the first time or more. Likewise, more and more women are using the attractive scent of VULVA Original to be attracted to
other women and men to be idolized.

You might think that this magical scent is a sex toy for men only, but that’s not the case. As in the erotic imagination of men, smell also plays a major role in female sexuality. Arousal through sensual-animal body odours transcends gender. Every woman has probably smelled her “fragrant” fingers and usually finds this fragrance erotic and arousing
In the course of more than ten years of worldwide success, we have noticed that more and more women order VULVA Original. For women, the stimulating scent of VULVA Original is also the perfect complement to a vibrator and an erotic video for solo sex pleasure and can be used differently for different needs.

Erotic fragrance for HER

For what sexual needs of a woman
is VULVA Original the perfect solution?

  • Desire for sex in the absence of a partner
  • When seeking a new fetish or erotic kick
  • More sexual variety within a partnership
  • Avoid monotony and lack of lust for sex
  • Inspiring erotic fantasies
  • Alone in bed and lacking a lust-increasing remedy for even more real solo sex
  • Fancy “new things”, a completely risk-free alternative to infidelity
  • Age-related decline in libido

Heterosexual women and VULVA Original

Our order statistics show that more and more women are using the perfect vaginal scent of VULVA Original to make themselves even more desirable as well as to boost and satisfy their sexual desire through the pleasure of smell. Women either use it to excite their partner even more in lovemaking by applying the smallest amounts of VULVA Original. Or – as is increasingly the case – women use VULVA Original as a fragrance or in this case as a “perfume” to attract and seduce other men, but also other women. A woman who has her own natural body odour, which usually carries a light touch of the daily perfume, and wears a tiny amount of VULVA Original on her wrist catapults this completely new and unique smell cocktail into the noses of men and becomes a true erotic magnet. A woman wearing VULVA Original attracts men like honey attracts bees.

Bi or homosexual women and VULVA Original

For the same reason that men enjoy the feminine essence of lust, the sweet scent of a woman as the culmination of all erotic smells, bisexual and homosexual women experience an equally lust-enhancing effect of VULVA Original and love to smell the scent of a different vagina. Let yourself be swept away on this erotic affair with VULVA Original. Discover new ways to experience a fresh side to your sexuality.

Be yourself and embrace your own personal fetish!

„Don't knock masturbation. It's sex with someone you love.”

Woody Allen
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Latent bisexual women and VULVA Original

The desire for the same sex – from worldwide surveys is known that almost every woman has or had bisexual fantasies. Although most of these women never live it out in real life, the curiosity and erotic attraction are there. Touching, tasting another woman but above all smelling another woman… VULVA Original with its real organic substances gives each “latent” bisexual woman the opportunity to live out her fantasies in secret. Your secret erotic girlfriend in a phial. VULVA Original “Roll – Savour – Enjoy” whenever and wherever you want!

VULVA Original – Your little secret playmate and harmless affair

Roleplay with you and your secret young girlfriend “VULVA Original”. You always discreetly carry her with you no matter where you are. You can experience it anytime to satisfy your extraordinary fantasies. Whenever you want to enjoy your VULVA – SHE will be ready for you. You also enjoy the delightful thought that YOU decide when it opens for your erotic session! Get involved with this erotic affair with VULVA Original and enjoy the completely new possibilities of your sexuality. And nobody will know!

Konstanze E. Stuttgart, Germany

“I accidentally came across a YouTube video about VULVA Original which made me curious, so I looked up the website straight away. I found the whole idea and stylish presentation very appealing and the price was OK, so I just ordered out of pure curiosity.
At the time I was still single and didn’t have to worry about the delivery, but that wouldn’t have been a problem anyway because everything was delivered in neutral packaging. I was very excited and had my first “bisexual” experience with VULVA Original, so to speak. I would also like to say that I have been having bisexual dreams both day and night since my earliest youth, but never dared to take them further.
Somehow, the immediate impression I got was not quite what I had hoped for, unfortunately. Over the next hour I unconsciously sniffed the back of my hand over and over again and the longer I wore it on my skin, the more my fantasy began to expand in my mind and I was absolutely positively surprised and really loved it.

I think it’s important for your product that you communicate this! This is because an aroma like I would imagine it with another woman only unfolds a longer period of exposure.
Since I discovered Vulva for myself, I like to play masturbation games and meet with different “women” in my imagination. Although I’m heterosexual, that excites me a lot.
By the way, I would highly recommend wearing this extraordinary scent together with your normal perfume. It creates a great cocktail with your own body odour, and one which will obviously beguile the senses of others. I met my present boyfriend when I was wearing VULVA Original with my favourite perfume and he even questioned me about my interesting “fragrance” and asked for its name.
So, thumbs up for VULVA Original – although I’d never heard of it before, I can’t seem to get its smell out of my nose any more, which is great!

THX VULVA – I like it!

Ideal for those extra-special erotic role-playing games –
VULVA Original as a fetish sex toy

For example, VULVA Original can be used cleverly for playing out “cuckolding” scenarios and, importantly, can be incorporated into one of these sessions securely and safely.
Invite your little secret girlfriend in a phial to seduce your partner together. Bondage games and blindfolds, as well as various vaginal smells – fireworks for couples who want to experience special eroticism. There are countless ways to experience high-class sexuality with VULVA Original – alone, as a pair or with multiple people.

Think of your friends VULVA Original – the unique gift!