“Cuckold” or “Cuckolding” – A medieval fetish is celebrating its comeback

One of the most common words searched for on erotic websites is, “Cuckold”. But what does this word actually mean and how long has this particular form of erotic existed?

Wikipedia puts it in a nutshell:

“Especially in the BDSM scene, the term cuckold (also known as cucki, cuck or cux) refers to a man in a stable partnership or love relationship who experiences sexual pleasure through the intimate contact of his partner with other men (cheating). A cuckold may prefer dominant, voyeuristic, masochistic and/or submissive behaviour. In equivalent terms, a woman who experiences sexual pleasure through the intimate contact of her male partner with other women is referred to as a “cuckquean.”

In English parlance, cuckold can also mean a man who is humiliated by the mischief-making of his partner. A differentiation takes place between the conventional meaning of the word in relation to cheating and the sexual preferences experienced within a relationship.

The term “cokewold” appeared in Middle English in 1250 for the first time as a reference to a husband who had been cheated on. As a derivative of the Middle English term “witting” (knowingly), the term “wittol” refers to a man who knowingly tolerates or desires a lover for his wife. The term appeared in verb form as “cuckolding” in 1589 for the first time and describes various forms of non-monogamous relationships. The cuckold is usually submissive, and the act of cuckolding itself is frequently a component of femdom and is therefore included amongst the different varieties of BDSM. The cuckold enjoys being dominated by his wife; not only in sexual matters, but also everyday things.
Exactly the reverse also exists, where, as a submissive component, the woman accepts a mistress at her dominant husband’s side or specifically wants it!
Within the various types of partnerships, the spectrum for variation is large as far as experiencing cuckold fantasies is concerned. However, analyses make clear it that no other form of fetish receives as many visits on the Internet today as “Cuckolding”.