The invention of VULVA Original – an erotic scent

The founders of vivaeros SPECIAL PRODUCTS
had the vision to develop a globally unique product
which completely stands out on the world erotic market
in terms of its overall concept,
design and particularly
stylish look.

During the research phase, a team of market researchers and product designers scrutinised countless products available from all sectors of the global erotic market. They found out that stimuli such as adult films, magazines, sex toys such as dildos, silicone vaginas, lifelike sex dolls etc. or telephone sex were already comprehensively serving the sight, feel and sound side of things. And while there are fragrances that turn you on such as pheromones, perfumes, and aphrodisiacs.

to make yourself more attractive to your counterpart, there is not a single product worldwide that satisfies your OWN sense of smell and personal smelling pleasure. In much the same way you enjoy a fine cigar and a glass of good red wine. For the vivaeros team, the idea to create something that exactly meets these needs was born – to close this obvious gap in the erotic world with the classic and stylish product called VULVA Original!

Natural Attractant

The stimulating effect of body odours plays an extremely important role not only in the animal world, but also for humans too. This is particularly true for the most erotic of all fragrances: the intimate fragrance of a woman. This fragrance with its natural attractants naturally triggers an extremely powerful sexual attraction and desire. All the more astonishing that this entire domain has been so criminally neglected until now. After countless series of tests with a variety of vaginal scents of different types of women, we have decided for the vaginal scent which was definitely the most erotic for the overwhelming majority of the test subjects (men and women).

Our biggest challenge was to use a specially developed production and fragrance extraction process in order to retain the potency and effectiveness of the selected “perfect” ingredients of the intimate scent while ensuring the scent lasts for a long time and does not change to any great degree. After years of expensive research by an international team of scientists, we finally succeeded in filling the exclusive glass vials with the exciting, slightly milky odour. Pheromones from the most intimate area – the ultimate femme fatale for every scent connoisseur.

The intimate essence of femininity

VULVA Original: getting men and women in the mood

In the beginning, admittedly, we were mainly targeting the male world. Over time, however, it turned out that women also have fun with VULVA Original and, just like men, they have boosted and satisfied their sexual desire by enjoying its smell and have discovered new uses for the product. Our order statistics also prove that more and more women use VULVA Original to make themselves even more desirable with the perfect vaginal scent.

Paired with their own body odour and favourite perfume, VULVA Original puts the crowning effect on the resulting, unique smell cocktail. A woman wearing VULVA Original attracts men like honey attracts bees…

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Intimate essence of femininity
for a new generation

VULVA Original is the natural vaginal scent caused by the sweating and movement in the female intimate area which develops a few hours after a long shower, for instance. VULVA Original does NOT smell unpleasant! The coveted organic, erotic, slightly sweaty urine note comes only after a long period of action (at least 10 mins) and the initial top notes (necessary ingredients) can fully develop…

As a natural aphrodisiac, the fully developed vaginal scent of VULVA Original directly fires the inner drive and triggers erotic stimuli. A convenient metal ball roller helps to apply the premium organic substance on the back of the hand. Each glass vial comes in a stylish box, which after being filled is immediately sealed with cellophane to lock in the freshness. Pheromones from the most intimate area – the ultimate femme fatale for every scent connoisseur.

Worldwide success

VULVA Original is internationally known. Only a tiny amount of VULVA Original is enough to enjoy the true aroma of the coveted vaginal essence after just a short while of personal smelling pleasure. The sense of smell immediately stimulates your erotic fantasies and inspires your imagination. The exceptionally elegant design and styling underlines the exclusivity of VULVA Original and makes it a must have product. After the worldwide market launch and the enormous demand for VULVA Original, it quickly became clear that vivaeros SPECIAL PRODUCTS is on the right scent with this product. The think tank has a lot going on – you should be curious. VULVA Original – unique in the world. Also, because it is the only erotic product that is not modelled. VULVA Original is genuine and subject to strict international guidelines.