VULVA Original as a masturbatuion aid

How to get the best experience from VULVA Original?


Shake the crystal glas-phial well before each use. Read the leaflet carefully.

Gently open the screw cap.

…apply & allow to take effect…

You can then apply a tiny amount of the precious organic substance to the back of your hand using the roll-on applicator.
Experience has shown that a one-time “spotting” using the moistened roll-on is sufficient.
When using VULVA Original it is important to bear in mind that the longer you leave it to develop on the back of the hand,
the morethe original vaginal scent will come into its own!


The erotic vaginal scent on your skin continues to improve to a round and pleasant scent just 10 minutes after application; the maximum effect is reached after about half an hour.

& enjoy!

Your erotic journey begins as you take the first enjoyable breath in and your imagination runs wild.
With its natural pheromones, the vaginal scent immediately stimulates and inspires your erotic fantasies, during solo sex for example. Unlike used panties – where the odour soon disappears – VULVA Original can be reapplied quickly and discreetly again and again.

How does a scent like VULVA Original work?
Top note – Heart note – Base note

VULVA Original is the natural vaginal scent caused by sweating and moving in the female intimate area which develops a few hours after a long shower, for instance. VULVA Original does NOT smell unpleasant!
The coveted organic, erotic, slightly sweaty-urine note comes through only after it has been left for a while (at least 10 mins) and replaces the initial “top note” (necessary ingredients) at which point it begins to develop fully…
As a natural aphrodisiac, the fully developed vaginal scent of VULVA Original directly fires the inner drive and triggers erotic stimuli. A convenient metal ball roller helps to apply the premium organic substance on the back of the hand. Each crystal glas-phial comes in a stylish box, which after being filled is immediately sealed with cellophane to lock in the freshness. Pheromones from the most intimate area – the ultimate femme fatale for every scent connoisseur.

The top note

The first scent the nose picks up and also the first to disappear. Intense and fleeting scent essences that are released when applied fresh, and which have to clear to allow the underlying, true fragrance to unfold.

The following applies to VULVA Original

a) The ingredients which are indispensable for maintaining the vaginal scent for a long time in particular are responsible for a very intense top note – less is more!

b) To give you many erotic “dates” with VULVA Original, the 3 ml of the precious organic substance is a strong concentrate, and is comparable in intensity to perfume. Another reason to use it sparingly!

The middle note

The long-lasting middle note only becomes perceptible after the strong, fleeting scent of the various necessary ingredients has subsided! The heart note is the “true” fragrance/scent which unfolds around 10 minutes after the top note has cleared, and usually continues to improve after that. It forms the “heart” of the fragrance composition, hence the name, and makes the longest connection with your skin.

The following applies to VULVA Original

a) Due to the strong concentrate, which is often applied too liberally – especially at first – and the necessary ingredients, which hold the vaginal scent for a long time, the top note is often very intense and perceptible for more than 10 minutes. The heart note therefore needs more time. The eager scent connoisseur usually has a very high level of expectation, especially for their exciting “first date” with VULVA Original, and may not necessarily have cast their eyes (or rather “their nose”), over all the important information mentioned here. This can lead to disappointment at not experiencing the hoped-for pleasure. Give it time! Experience has shown that a one-time “spotting” using the moistened roll-on is sufficient.

b) The additional ingredients necessary for obtaining and maintaining the vaginal scent can still be easy smelled even after the top note has evaporated and the heart note has come to the fore. Always consider that: VULVA Original contains real organic substances like no other sex toy and simply being reminded of the true vaginal scent of a desirable young woman is the key to getting front row seats on the ride of your imagination!

The base note

A different scent nuance develops as a base note for each person. This is the most individual part of a fragrance/scent that can last for several hours but gets more and more distant from the heart note. The fragrance cocktail that can unfold at this point is delightful. Your own individual body odour, which develops in conjunction with the base note of VULVA Original as well as with the scent of a favourite perfume can have a mysterious effect.

“Nothing brings to life again a forgotten memory like fragrance.”

Oscar Wilde

? WHY ?
Different opinions on VULVA Original

Incorrect use and over the top expectations can lead to disappointing results with VULVA Original… – Why? Most of our customers have already experienced the smell of a real vagina before they smell VULVA Original and thus already have an earlier intimate scent in their nose, with which they then automatically make comparisons. The expectations are thus extremely personal and the “basis” for comparison is as diverse as nature. Likewise, the mood you are in plays a big role. VULVA Original is not a chemical potency medicine which stimulates blood circulation in the genitals thus providing an artificial erection, instead it primarily works by stimulating your imagination. If you are not in the mood to watch an erotic video, it won’t excite you much. VULVA Original is the same.
Without your input, i.e. your imagination or desire for pleasure, the scent of VULVA Original cannot work wonders and can therefore seem unsatisfactory. Many VULVA Original customers are predominantly extremely curious how this talked-about scent might smell and can hardly wait for it to be delivered… the scent of the female intimate area in a glas-phial – wow! Fast shipping is requested for every third order. As soon as the discreet parcel arrives in the post, the curious customer “understandably” leaves no time for the right moment or the erotic mood and tears open the packaging immediately, usually sniffs the open, not even shaken glas-phial and then is perhaps not as impressed as they’d hoped to be… No surprise using the product in this way usually creates a distorted image of VULVA Original.

Applied too much VULVA Original and/or smelled it too quickly...?

To give you many erotic “dates” with VULVA Original, the 3 ml of the precious organic substance is a strong concentrate, and is comparable in intensity to perfume. Only apply a very small amount – less is more.

Just like when you enjoy a glass of fine red wine by the fire, you need to allow time with VULVA Original! The substance is highly concentrated, less is often more!

The true vaginal scent develops after 10 minutes or more. Specially designed ingredients which make the intimate scent last for a long time can influence it – but remember, your crystal glass bottle contains real organic substances!

Do you really feel like having fun with VULVA Original NOW?

Get yourself into an erotic mood – feel the urge for a “date” with VULVA Original and perhaps an erotic video for your undisturbed solo sex pleasure. The scent of the intimate area is not a substance that chemically or automatically causes an erection – it only works using your imagination!

Did you expect the scent of VULVA Original to be different?

As already described this may be due to the perception of the “top note” which clears after 10 minutes, after which the true vaginal scent develops.

Do not compare the intimate scent in the glas-phial with another vagina you know. However, the necessary additional ingredients can also give the impression that you are not smelling a real woman – it is the bottled vaginal scent as a concentrate and can thus give a different impression. Nevertheless, you have a sex toy in your hand that can give you solo sex pleasure as close to real duo sex like no other…

When we hear things like this we like to use another sex toy as an example: even the most authentically shaped silicone dildo will never really smell or taste or feel warm like its natural counterpart. And, despite it being sold in the millions, nobody ever criticizes it for this reason. VULVA Original is different – there is hardly another sex toy that has invested as much time in development as VULVA Original – the essentials are the real organic substances that make our product incomparable. Fresh strawberries at a market smell more aromatic and intense than pre-packaged strawberries, and the same is true for VULVA Original too.

  • Echter erotisierender Vaginal-Geruch
  • 100% Luststeigernde Essenz für perfekten Solo-Sex
  • Intimduft als Riechstoff für eigenen Geruchsgenuss
  • Kostbare organische Substanz im Kristallglas-Flacon
  • Diskret immer und überall anzuwenden
  • Erregende Wirkung
  • Weltweit einzigartig und echt
  • Premium-Qualität made in Germany