„Valkor” L. from „THE OTHER VIEW” USA

Hey, folks, Valkor here. And welcome to the first, hopefully not the last, product that we’ll review here in PerfectView. And to think, it all started because of one tweet that linked to a piece of video, that lead to an email, that lead to a CrewView article, which ultimately lead to my complete Vulva Original Review, which is what you’ll be reading today. Vulva Original – It smells so right, it can’t be wrong.

Vulva Original is a product of Germany from a company called Vivaeros (God, I love the Germans as much as I love the Japanese and their wacky ways). And it’s a very tiny bottle containing exactly what you might think it is, based on the name – hoo-ha juice (concentrated). Vulva Original contains the scent of the female vagina at its most heightened state of arousal or when it’s mostly worked up. If you’ve seen the ad, which you can see if you scroll down to the bottom, you’ll get my meaning. So VO is definitely not something that you splash all over your body or even dab behind your ear. It’s a personal scent meant for your pleasure alone. So on those days when you’re thinking of that one special night when you had that fling or any sexual encounter, you simply produce this tiny vial, shake well, roll on a small dab on your hand or finger and smell to your heart’s content. Do not apply it on your neck, nose, or anywhere else on your body – only your hand.

Now I find that the best place to apply Vulva Original is between the index and middle finger of your least favorite hand. Meaning if you’re a righty, put some on your left and vice versa. Why? That way you don’t look like a fool sniffing yum-yum jizz off the back of your hand or snorting your index finger while in public. In this manner, you can raise your hands to your face to fake a yawn or a sneeze or pretend to wipe something from your face and get a good whiff without looking like your obviously sniffing something.

I got the chance to gather some buds for a Vulva Original „sniff test”, namely TOV’s DigiSpa, 2DX’s JayDub and Magus, as well as a few other friends. And most will agree that the smell is replicated nearly to perfection; Digispa disagrees and says it smells too metallic. But what did I ultimately think?

In my eyes, Vulva Original is spot on perfect and smells so close to the real deal – I loved it! It’s a sweet yet tangy blend of a vag that’s about to get munched and/or plowed. Honestly, I would have loved to have been around when the product was being tested, because you just know they had a hot chick for comparison purposes with some dude triple dipping because that’s pretty balls-on accurate (pun intended). It’s strong enough that if you just wave your muff-dabbed fingers in front of your face, you’ll get a nice noseful. The tiny phial is small enough for you to take wherever you go, for whenever you need it. But please use discretion as that’s not the sort of scent you’d want to share such as in the workplace „who smells like cootch?” or on an airplane „whoa! Who’s clam did you chowder?” or even in the bedroom as your with your lady as you’re rounding third, and sliding face-first into home plate „Oh Hell no! whose biscuit you been rolling, because that smell ain’t mine!” Just saying, these are situations you might wanna avoid.


„Vapin’Guy” – amazon.com buyer

The smell reminds me of lightly used panties, light smell of urine and sweat and a little musty. There is mostly a smell of what could be a feminine used cleaning or bathing product, but in a good way; like how shampoo smells better when coming from a woman. So the smell of this could be off of a woman but maybe not exactly from a woman. It is an erotic smell and it does turn me on. I put some on a pair of panties and let it dry and it does allow me to imagine that it recently came off of a woman. This is the best smell fetish product I have purchased. I would purchase this again. The smell lasts for days on the panties so a little bit goes a long way and the vial has lasted for several months so far.

„Dr. F” – amazon.com buyer

An interesting product but it takes a bit of „skill” to enrich your perception. Try just a „dob” (instead of rolling)… let it dry (while you’re brushing your teeth)… lightly rinse with water (no soap) to „soften the pungent aroma”. If you want to sweeten it up a bit, top off your dried and lightly rinsed application with „Pussy Oil”. Somehow this stuff gets more and more intoxicating with repeat use… I’m addicted 🙂

“Gero P.” – amazon.de buyer

This fragrance is great in itself, only it smells too much of “perfume” at first. Once the perfume smell has evaporated slightly, you notice the allure of the vaginal aroma in your nostrils which certainly arouses me – Thanks for creating this.

“John T.” – amazon.com buyer

Smells just like a young teenage girl from my adolescence.How do you bottle the fragrance? Well, I just leave it to the German technology Perhaps a Nobel Peace Prize is in your future. HaHa! All the best!

„Thomas L” – amazon.de buyer

It comes close to the aroma of a real vulva. I can really recommend it and it is a perfect substitute for the real feeling. Therefore ideally suited to singles and married men who currently don’t have the opportunity to be with a real woman.

„RedCat“ – Lovely Avenue, Germany

Vulva Original – Experiences from RedCat.
As Lovely already told you yesterday, we recently had the chance to test the “VULVA Original” scent. As Lovely was so nice and sisterly to share the tester with me, I didn’t want to withhold my experiences from you so I can also contribute one or the other observation I have with you. First of all, I would like to say that, as such, I definitely have a good feeling about the odour my body exudes. After all, I’ve still to come across a man or woman who complains, and, if my memory serves me right, several of them spent hours between my thighs.

But, as a woman, I’m always interested in getting as much as I can out of something. Sound familiar? “The competition never sleeps! So, the first think I did was subject the vial to an acid test in my home. First, the packaging I really like the design and the packaging concept. I love the playful black and white accents. And why? Well, it’s quite simple I think there is no better way to photograph a woman than in black and white. I also like simple designs, like the one on the front of the box. No flowers, no palm tress or other fancy nonsense, just elegant lettering with a clear reference to the contents. And Bob’s your uncle! The vial itself reminds me of one of those mysterious phials in an alchemist’s laboratory that promise eternal youth. Granted, my heart started beating a little faster when I opened the clasp. I mean, the creators of Vulva promise nothing less than the genuine aroma of a woman! So, off comes the cap and I immediately dab a drop onto the inside of my wrist. It took no more than a few seconds (the amount of time I always wait with perfumes to let the scent briefly blend with my skin before I smell them) for Vulva to start drilling like a dagger or a sharp knife into my senses; a feeling that electrified me throughout. The thrill of the hunt was aroused in me immediately and I felt the first tingle of pleasure run down my spine. Just when I was incapable of hold myself back any longer and took my first deep breath, it felt like a terrific shower of lust in my brain. I could really sense the immediate feeling of arousal caused by the aroma! The scent went right down my nose to my nipples and right into my crotch accompanied by a tingling sensation. The feeling was phenomenal and exceeded my previous experiences many times over. I quickly dabbed a drop on the inside of my thigh and waited to continue my test. In reality, I am the type of person who is quite capable of keeping their passion in check. That said, I was really happy the day my friend finally came home and we were able to test the fragrance on him. I have to admit, though, that I told him it was a blind test, because I didn’t tell him about my “little dabble” beforehand. What I want to tell you, though, is that I have hardly ever experienced such an intense love game like this one with his tongue between my legs.

Like he confessed afterwards, he also enjoyed my new fragrance to the full. So, you see, investing in Vulva really is worth it. What I’ve also noticed is that my lover also appears to have discovered his own passion for the fragrance, because he’s started using it on occasion himself in secret when we go out of an evening, just to make us both really horny


„Ed” – amazon.com buyer

Okay I love this product. I can‘t imagine why the reviews have said it doesn‘t smell like the real thing – unless I have just been fortunate enough to be with clean, classy women all my life. I agree that ‚musk‘ is a better description of the aroma. I find it enticing and arousing in the way a perfume or shampoo scent of a former lover brings up warm feelings. In my long history I can think of one women who did not have this pleasant aroma in her crotch area.

Young to middle age this is a wonderful, natural aroma and not that of ‚vaginal secretions‘ as someone said. Nowhere in the packaging or in any ad did I see „Vaginal secretions“ as a description. It is a very fresh and clean, natural scent of a woman‘s vulva area and not the inside of her vagina. If your women do not smell this way I would suggest buying them some feminine sanitary products.

This aroma is why so many men enjoy going down on a woman and the other smells down there would explain why many men refuse to. If your woman isn‘t ‚fresh‘ down there maybe you should take a closer look at your own cleanliness. The smell of ball sweat and old dick cheese has never enticed a woman to go down on her man. It works both ways. I bought it out of curiosity and was very pleased. Men enjoy it but I don‘t really see women buying it and putting a drop behind their ear, though it may drive her man wild.